Donor Advised Funds

Two ways to make an impact with your donor advised fund

Recommend a grant now

Make an immediate impact that drives lifesaving research at Fred Hutch by recommending a grant from your donor advised fund today. Fred Hutch can work with your fund’s administrator to ensure your grant supports the research most meaningful to you.

Designate Fred Hutch as a beneficiary

Feel good knowing that your donor advised fund will perpetuate your support for our shared cause after your lifetime. Simply name Fred Hutch as a beneficiary, and the remaining assets (or a portion) of the fund will be distributed to support our bold and impactful science.

Sample Beneficiary Designation

To designate Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center as a beneficiary of a donor advised fund or financial account, you will need to contact your plan’s administrator or your bank and ask for their beneficiary designation form. When you fill it out, please use the following information:

Legal name: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
Federal tax ID number: 91-1935159
Address: 1100 Fairview Ave. N., Mail Stop J5-200, Seattle, WA 98109

“It feels good to know that I can make an impact to drive lifesaving cancer research at Fred Hutch anytime I want.”

– Fred Hutch Donor

How does a donor advised fund work?

Donor advised funds …

  1. Provide anonymity and privacy if desired.
  2. Offer flexibility and control over which causes receive grants.
  3. Allow for an immediate tax deduction and potential for itemizing a deduction in the same tax year.

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You can ensure that your wishes are carried out as you intend. Plus you can be recognized as you would like (or you can request to remain anonymous).

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