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Discovering new insights and treatments. Translating discoveries into cures. And transforming the lives of millions. This is the work of Fred Hutch. Together with supporters like you, we are dedicated to eliminating cancer and related diseases as causes of human suffering by engaging in research at the highest levels. And yet, cancer still touches too many lives, and we still lose too many people to this cruel and complex disease. This is why we need your support.

Here is how you help each of our teams as we work towards curing cancer faster and saving more lives: 


Basic Science Researchers

Basic science researchers investigate the underlying biology of normal cells and the changes in them that lead to disease. They use a variety of techniques to study these changes, including genetics, biochemistry, and cell biology. This research is important for understanding how cancer develops and progresses, which may eventually lead to new treatments.

Take a look behind the scenes at Kugel Lab where researchers are exploring new ways to treat an aggressive subtype of pancreatic cancer.


Public Health Scientists

Public health scientists at Fred Hutch develop and apply new knowledge to help individuals and communities reduce the impact of cancer and related diseases. Through groups like our Integrated Research Centers and the Seattle Tumor Translational Research, we are promoting collaboration between scientists. This helps to accelerate the process of translating research into practical applications that can reduce the burden of cancer and other diseases.

Watch the video to see how the scientists in Public Health Sciences are conducting cancer research with the power to save not just individuals, but entire populations.  


Clinical Research Scientists

Fred Hutch’s clinical research scientists research, develop and test new approaches to detecting and curing disease. Some scientists focus on the development of new treatments, others work on ways to improve diagnosis or preventative measures, while still others test potential new therapies in clinical trials. By bringing together experts from a variety of disciplines, Fred Hutch is able to create an environment where new ideas can be explored and tested quickly and effectively, with the ultimate goal of finding better ways to treat or even cure cancer and other diseases.

Hear about Fred Hutch’s Cancer Immunotherapy Trials Network, which is making promising experimental immunotherapies broadly available to people with cancer.



Physician-researchers care for and support the people who come to Fred Hutch from across the world by providing them with state-of-the-art, patient- and family-centered care. The Hutch offers patients greater access to clinical trials, bringing research and clinical care closer together, which accelerates the development, evaluation, and use of new cancer discoveries and treatments. Additionally, we combine innovative research with exceptional care, supporting education and enhancing access to improved cancer interventions.

See how Fred Hutch’s integrated approach to patient care brings about the best possible outcome for those facing cancer and other serious diseases.


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